**Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better*. Albert Einstein

We live in a designed world- nature’s and our own. Life on earth evolved over 4.6 billion years into the complex systems and cycles that support our life, and all life, on earth today. Watch Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds to see periods of activity and inactivity in the generation of life on earth. Our planet and its forms of life, and non living, are all made of the stuff of stars- nature, and people, too! What is our oldest relative? Did plants or animals come first? What came before humans? When did people arrive? Use the Evolution of Life Earth Clock Worksheet to see the different eras and to discover how new human beings are to this planet we live on. Today scientists study the interaction between our atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, looking for the biodiversity of life as it exists in the air, on land, and in the waters and continues to evolve. In this journey you will explore different definitions of nature… your nature, the nature of a place, the nature of a culture, even the nature in space are all connected.

Activity 1 – STEP OUTSIDE wherever you are

What is nature? One definition of nature is the character or personality of a person, place or thing! It be you, your parents, your friends, or even someone you do not know. It could be a place that if full of biodiversity of life- human and non-human. The Nature of a person place or thing is unique to each person and often differs in different cultures and places on earth. Human nature does refer to one’s temperament, disposition, aptitude, or interests, and much more. Are humans part of nature? Of course! Humans have evolved over tens of thousands of years, from prehuman nature, evolving over billions of years. Another definition of nature is Nature is life on earth before humans arrived. In all of its beauty and diversity, it evolved over billions of years. Prehuman nature on earth collectively includes flora(plants) and fauna(animals) and all the organisms and systems on land and water and in the air and the solar system that exist. This journey is about the world that humans inherited and evolved from and into and the gifts that it offers to people to survive and thrive. How do YOU define Nature?

Draw a picture, write a poem.


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