NanoPatternObjectSpaceArchitectureNeighborhoodCityRegionWorld is a collaborative effort by principals, practitioners, teachers, architects, artists, and students.

We are a multi-generational diverse group who believe that creativity is key to human innovation and cultural evolution. With different fields of knowledge and experience, we work together to cocreate the eco web of possibilities to reach young imaginations in all corners of the world. As a UNESCO GREENING Education Partner we work with other teachers and education programs to raise awareness of the critical role of learning in developing awareness, understanding, and active social change to strengthen and balance human/nature interdependencies. We believe the world needs human imagination to innovate and change. And we beleive that imagination and creativity opportunities need to be scaffolded throughout K12 education.

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Mark Keane and Linda Keane, FAIA,
Mark and Linda Keane, AIA, NCARB, architects and partners in STUDIO1032 work on green initiatives along the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. Leaders in design education, Linda is Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she directed the City of Chicago Green Roof Website and chaired development of a third accredited Master of Architecture program in Chicago. Mark is Professor of Architecture University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he developed the first online minor in architecture. The Keanes create animated films, lecture and publish about the Aesthetics of Sustainability and need for Eco literacy. Architecture An Interactive Introduction is the first CD ROM about the built environment created in the US. Their service learning work with college design students (SAIC’s Eco Design and UWM’s Green Milwaukee) connect design imagination with human ecology. The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, American Institute of Architects, Art Institute of Chicago, National Endowment for the Arts, National Environmental Education Foundation, A+DEN Architects and Design Educators Network, Association of Architecture Organizations, Public Broadcasting System, Graham Foundation, Wisconsin Arts Board, United States Green Building Council and the Union of International Architects recognize their creative contributions to design education.


Director: Linda Keane, AIA, NCARB,

Graphic Designers: Bob Tiede, Paige Alfuth, Tom Elemendorf, Nahyeong Lim

Editors: Kevin Hinz, Linda Keane, AIA

WebMasters: Ted Kimble, Andrew J Manto, Robert Tiede

Videos: Moleskin Studios; Spirit of Space


Bob Tiede Lead Graphic Designer
Bob Tiede was first to create web layout and navigation for the original 16 journeys. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, he contributed multifaceted talents as gained national and international recognition. Designer of many of the captivating graphics including the iconic 9 scales and logo, Bob concentrates on conceptual navigation, layout, coding, and graphic art. In addition to visual critique, Bob designs and fabricates furniture and practices architecture in an award-winning Appleton architecture firm.

Ted Kimble

Ted Kimble Webmaster, Lead Information Manager
Ted Kimble began working with while completing his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, after previously earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics at Macalester College. His interest in science and theory continues as studies the implications that a Deleuzian neo-materialist philosophy has on the design process. He masterminded the open source management for and currently works as an independent designer, writer, and artist. He maintains a practice of digitally innovative works in Seattle.


Kevin Hinz Lead Editor
Kevin was a self-employed builder in rural Kentucky before returning to UW-Milwaukee to earn his Bachelors of Science in Architecture. Beginning as a Pilot Partner, examining and testing journeys, his duties quickly expanded to new journey research, graphic design, web management, editing, grant proposal writing, and press releases. Kevin continues to keep involved in’s development. Currently, he has achieved his Master of Architecture degree at Harvard Graduate School of Design and is working.


Andrew J. Manto Web Manager
Andrew is a designer, builder, thinker, maker and creator. Educated at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he attempted a campus wide recycling movement, he was instrumental in expanding from the original 16 journeys to over the first 100. He set up the link checker and the site tracker programs. Completing a Master’s of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is a design engineer at A. Zahner Company that works at the intersection of art and architecture, exploring its interface with an infinite series of disparate things.

Tom Elmendorf

Tom Elmendorf Graphic Designer
Drawing from a diverse educational background beginning in Industrial Design, then Music Performance, and having recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Tom considers himself to be a lifelong student of design, allowing it to take him wherever it demands.Portfolio. Ever seeking new experiences and encounters that might build upon past experiences and knowledge, allowing him to approach static, ordinary tasks with a broader, more diverse perspective, Tom hopes to never stop learning and is a passionate believer in the importance and responsibility of design. He currently serves as Manager of User Experience Design at Advicent.

Kelsey Robinsonsm

Kelsey RobinsonGraphic Designer, Researcher
Kelsey joined as a freshman from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a minor in graphic design. Bringing artistic experience in traditional and digital media as well as music (drums, piano, saxophone, writing, and recording), he focuses on the development of graphics and research for new journeys. Kelsey’s interest in connecting art and design coincides with his desire to approach problems in new ways. His chair “Quadro” took first place in the 2017 SARUP Nemschoff Chair Design Competition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Jeff Roush

Jeff Roush Videographer, Workshops
Since graduating from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, Jeff has explored the relationship between design and film working as a freelance filmmaker and videographer. Jeff is also a founding member of Moleskin Productions, a group of artists of different backgrounds that combine, music, writing, acting, digital media, art, and design to create films for clients, competitions, and the web. He now creates brand videos for Harly Davidson.

Nahyeong Limbw

Nahyeong Lim Graphic Designer
A recent MFA Interior Architecture graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Nahyeong brings a decade of architectural study and experience from Korea. She creates designs with natural forms and processes as she believes nature is the most important connection for human life. Nahyeong enjoys investigating sources, forms, and materials of nature in creating eco-friendly responses and environments.


Jonathon Nelson Graphic Designer, Researcher
Having previously studied music performance at UW-Milwaukee, Jonathan Nelson found his calling in architectural design, and hasn’t turned back since. His diverse background as a musician and designer helped him contribute to’s unique, integrated journeys. Graduating from UW-Milwaukee, he now works in Seattle where he uses his experiences to design architecture that solves social, environmental, and economic problems simultaneously.


Yingyue Yu Right Hand Chicago
Yingyue Yu received her Master of Art in Art Education at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, after studying Architecture and Environmental Design in China. Yingyue wrote her thesis about Architecture Education as the development of the design process through critical thinking with social responsibilities. She believes that education is one of the best ways to connect people and light up the future. After serving a summer internship with the Goodman Theater, she returned as the right hand of in Chicago. She drew an endless scroll of beautiful drawings to soothe her soul. She now teaches children in rural China.

Keyi Zhang

Keyi Zhang Graphic Designer, Researcher
Keyi Zhang is a recent BFA graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Keyi focused on Architecture, Eco Design, and Historic Preservation during her undergraduate studies. Most of her designs deal with conflicts and cooperation between historic-cultural context and future development. Her installation proposes and considers time, space, and material flow. Keyi is very passionate about Graphic Design, and is excited to be able to communicate design ideas with others with her drawings. She has been instrumental in creating many journeys on and starting’s Worksheets series for K12 students.

current Interns

SAIC Shreya Kumra, Hoo Wong Lee,
UWM Adam Uys (AIAs), Nicholas Charles Peterman (AIAs), Andrea Fernandez Mendoza Juarez, Aime Anahaban

partners actively seeks partnerships to create an eco web of organizations working to transform education. If you or your organization is interested in partnering, please email

Ace Mentor Program
A+DEN Architects and Design Educators Network
AAO Association of Architecture Organizations
Chicago Burnham 100
Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
Earth Day Educators’ Network
FutureLab’s InfoCow
Ingenuity Artlook Map
Global Campaign For Climate Action
National Environmental Education Foundation
RISD’s STEM to STEAM Initiative
Salvadori Center
Scientists For Tomorrow
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning
US Green Charter Schools Network

outreach board

Our Outreach Board consists of individual activists from environmental, economical, and educational organizations. Outreach Board Members assist in the national and global dissemination of the importance of eco-literacy and creation, communication, and collaboration on issues of human ecology. Outreach Board members contribute unique areas of expertise and professional skills connecting to wider audiences for wider purposes in rethinking relationships between the natural and built environment.


Paige Alfuth Information, Graphics Technician, Workshops
Paige Alfuth is an architectural intern at Boer Architects, Inc., Milwaukee, where she leads programming, space planning, and interior design efforts. Responsible for Construction Documents, Design, and Project Coordination, she joined Habitat for Humanity to support community and human rights and to gain perspective on the built environment. Outside of work Paige spends her time at the front desk of Yama Yoga enjoying opportunities to expand her practice of mind, body, and spirit. Lately devoted to brewing kombucha and learning fermentation processes, she gardens, cooks, explores oils and herbs, and creates art. She also loves to spend time with family, friends, and pets and travels whenever/wherever possible.

Jackie in Korea

Jackie DeThorne, MS, MBA, Development & Outreach
After decades as a manufacturing executive who traveled the world to make, buy and sell engineered products, Jackie joined to help change the world! With degrees in mechanical engineering, finance, and historic preservation, Jackie works the business and outreach phases of Jackie’s lifelong and varied interests in the built environment, education, STEAM, research, travel, photography, and writing are built into her consulting work with Promising2Performing. Everyone and everything has promise and purpose. Jackie aids their transition to efficiency and performance.

Roy Diblik

Roy Diblik Garden Educator and DesignerNorthwind Perennial Farm
As a grower, designer, consultant, teacher and speaker, Roy’s enthusiasm for plants is irresistible. Author of Small Perennial Gardens, The Know Maintenance Approach, his garden designs emphasize plant relationships to maintenance strategies and costs. His recent work includes the Louis Sullivan Arch Garden for the Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago and lakeside plantings for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Oceanarium. Roy works with envisioning outdoor learning environments for green schools and if Founding Partner of [**Northwind Perennial Farms**](

Kadi mustache on a stick

Kadi Franson Architect Intern, KIDMob Creator, Outreach + Workshops
Kadi is a NEXTer from the first Eco Design class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After completing her BFA at SAIC, she attended ARCHEWORKs in Chicago and recently completed a Master of Architecture at the University of California-Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley she created KIDMob a group of Graduate Architecture Students who believe in the transformative potential of design and iteration. She takes her passion for design to the road and conducts design-intensive workshops with 7th and 8th grade students sharing journeys. She currently works at AUTODesk in the Design Education Division.


Debra Henning, K12-College Teacher, NGSS Alignment & STEM to STEAM via DESIGN Science
Debra Henning aligned Journeys with the Next Generation Science Standards. Drawing on both research and classroom experience, she targeted the Journeys and links that enable teachers to bring the Disciplinary Core Ideas easily to life in their own classrooms. Debra completed an undergraduate crafts major and worked as a studio potter before beginning a teaching career spanning kindergarten to college classrooms. As a graduate student at the University of Chicago, she studied the scientific foundations of John Dewey’s education experiment, one of our earliest models of transdisciplinary learning. Through teaching, grant writing, and curriculum development, Debra helps fuel the STEM to STEAM and Design Thinking movements that are bringing Dewey’s active learning to a new generation of students.

Marie Kohne

Marie G. Kohne, & CCAIA Architects in Schools Liaison
Marie is an architectural designer who explores how design influences the ways we learn, work and play. For her thesis, she studied how architecture can connect students to their environments by using the city, site, building, and interior as scales of one interconnected learning environment, specifically to support the holistic pedagogy of Montessori. Marie especially has a passion for introducing kids to design opportunities and STEAM education. She coordinates the partnership between’s ELearning and AIA Chicago’s “Architects in Schools” program. She has a Master of Architecture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati and is excited to join her passion of working with students and school design.

Ashley Hat Nhim Sohn

Ashley Hat Nhim Sohn, Graphic Intern
Ashley is currently a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in Visual Communication. For, she designed multiple mini-infographics for journeys, flashcards, workbooks, and more. Her experience in gave her a chance to help students and teachers, which she is grateful for.

Sonya Lai

Sonya Lai, Lighting Designer
Sonya studied Lighting Design at Parsons The New School building upon her BA in Architecture from Taiwan. She then completed an MFA in Interior Architecture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Interested in the mix of eastern and western architecture, interior architecture, and lighting in new and innovative spatial experiences, she embeds social and environmental issues throughout her design projects. Working between Taiwan and the US, Sonya contributes journeys and introduces’s Eco Web to Taiwanese schools. She works as a lighting designer on varied space types including aviation, residential, office, and hospitality worldwide. Her lighting projects focus on providing sufficient illumination, reflecting and respecting architectural elements, and creating atmosphere. Sonya’s website ChinyunLai.


Rebecca Lecey, Information Management Assistant, Workshops
Rebecca assists with the teacher and student workshops for An Associate Designer with Soucie Horner, Chicago, she is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying in Chicago and Paris, before completing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in Art History. She is preparing for graduate school followed by professional licensing. Her studies, travels, and experiences are just a glimpse of what’s ahead in her future for working with design.

Lee May

Marvin Lee May, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, Art Educator
Lee, a 2011 MAAE graduate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, focuses on digital technology and design in higher education. His thesis, Digital Technology and Design in Art Education features and other design progressives. Studying Graphic Design at the University of Michigan (BFA 2003), he served as a TA for the Department of Art & Design and taught drawing and painting at the Ann Arbor Art Center. He works as a graphic artist in Ann Arbor, MI in the winter season and operates a candy shop on Mackinac Island, MI in the summer. A past ballroom competitor, he can often be found teaching dancing, as well as drawing. Lee’s Illustration and Cartoons.

Ljiljana Milojevic

Ljiljana Milojevic, Communications Director
Ljiljana is a Public History-Museum Studies and History M.A., having earned her degrees from Eastern Illinois University and UW-Milwaukee. She also holds a certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Helen Bader Institute of Nonprofit Management at UW- Milwaukee. Over the years she has interned, volunteered, and worked in a number of museums across Milwaukee and Chicago. She began collaborating with  after meeting Linda Keane at a Chicago HIVE workshop, and later co-writing a grant with Currently, she is employed at Elmhurst College, where she is a Prospect Research Coordinator.


Maureen Myers, Outreach, Researcher, Blogger, Workshops
Maureen is an architectural designer, educator, and activist. She worked as the NAAB Accreditation Coordinator and taught in the graduate architecture department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her Master of Architecture in 2010. An Eco Design NEXTer, she is currently the Project Manager at Blue Moon Rising, an environmental retreat on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland where she contributes to design and educational programming. In addition to, she currently mentors middle and high school students.

Anna Ninoyu

Anna Ninoyu, President and Co-Founder
METIS Design LLC is the architecture firm co-founded by Anna Ninoyu, AIA and her husband Kris Gorospe as a conduit for cultural exchange and innovative design for functional and life-improving environments. Together they have practiced for established design and construction firms in Chicago for a combined 25 years, leading projects of various scales and complexities.  With their involvement at the School of the Art Institute, Illinois Institute of Technology, American Institute of Architects, U.S.-Japan Council, and American Society of Healthcare Engineers, their passion is to prepare the next generation of architects to be creative and responsible thinkers and global collaborators.  METIS serves to represent a high standard for aspiring and practicing architects and help diversify the design and construction industry with cultural and environmental ambassadorship.

Esma Burçin Dengiz Olin, Lecturer

Esma Burçin Dengiz Olin, Lecturer
Esma graduated with a master of science degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, following her master of fine arts degree in interior architecture and environmental design from Bilkent University in Turkey. After teaching at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) interior design department in Savannah, GA for fifteen years, she joined Bilkent Üniversity as faculty in the interior architecture department. Her focus in freelance practice is lighting design and she served as the International Association of Lighting Designers’ (IALD) Education Trust’s scholarship committee as chair, helping the organization encourage and fund talented lighting students around the globe. At the time when her children attended one of US’s oldest Montessori schools, Esma served as a school council member acting as a bridge between the School and the County School Board. In the early 90s, she spent one year as a high school exchange student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she now has her children attending K-12 in multiple continents, gaining first-hand experience in educational and socio-cultural diversity. Esma has a passion for education, educational pedagogy, and reform, and believes all three are components for building a better world. Esma loves painting, art, nature walks, traveling, and reading.


Robin Randall, AIA LEED BD+C
Architect, educator, and environmentalist Robin Randall leads Legat Architects’ K-12 Education practice. She directs planning and design for over a hundred K-12 and higher education projects during her 25 years in the industry. Robin also founded EDlab, a research engine aimed at achieving better learning environments and understanding how sustainability impacts communities Randall is currently Robin competes in mini-triathlons to balance her love of chocolate. Hobbies are traveling to modern twentieth-century architectural sites and organic gardening.

Victoria Rydberg

Victoria Rydberg-Nania Environmental Educator
Victoria is an energetic advocate for environmental education. Founding Teacher at River Crossing Environmental Charter School, she authored Hands On, Feet Wet: The Story of River Crossing Environmental Charter School and Hands-On, Earth Math: Digging Deeper into Environmental Topics. Wisconsin Conservation Congress Educator of the Year, she serves as coordinator for Wisconsin’s Green Schools Network, teaches Science and Environmental Education Methods at Edgewood College, serves as the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Environmental Education Consultant, and is a National Environmental Education Advisory Council Member for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Our Advisory Board of experts represents a broad band of cultural enterprises and environmental, economical, and educational research organizations. As involved activists,’s Advisory Board informs our transdisciplinary approach and programs. They contribute current thinking and offer resources from related fields of public policy, business and finance, education, innovation, visualization, engineering, law, marketing, science, technology, and urban planning.

Senn Brown Past Executive Director US Green Charter School Network

Anthony Costello, FAIA Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Ball State University & Principal, COSTELLO + ASSOCIATES

Julie Grisar Graphic Arts and Fine Arts Chair, Cedarburg High School

Tim Kenney Principal, Shorewood High School; formerly Atwater Elementary School, Math Teacher

Sean Miller Past Director of Education, Earth Day Network

current volunteers & professional mentors

past researchers & graphic designers & design mentors

VolunteersYingue Yu (SAIC Grad, CHINA, Xinlei Chen (SAIC/UMiCH), Adam M. Yu (UWM/AIAS AMBASSADOR), Aaron Duenk, AIAS AMBASSADOR, Andrew Tillman, AIAs Past President (photography) Eli Watson Lingle( UWM), Neve Zhang (GRAD SAIC), Samantha Vang, and Andrea Fernanda Mendoza Juarez, UWM, MKE Green SCHOOL representativeHyeonha Park, Ambassador to Korea, UWM SURF Grantee, Shreya Kumra, (SAIC), Yingue Yu (SAIC), YuWan Sun (IIT), Brie Keane, (UWM)
SAIC Shreya Kumra, Graphic Designer, Isabelle Rizo SMM, (SAIC, GRAD)
UWM Graphic Designers: Hyeonha Park (UWM SURF GRANT), Kelsey Robinson, Aime Anahi Rabadan(SPANISH Worksheet Translation), Patrick Daniel Groh, Brie Keane IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Sam Luo, Isabelle RIzo
UWM Dylan Groshek, SURF Grantee IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Xinlei Chen, Keyi Zhang, Sara Niroobakhsh
UWM Anika Kathlyn Gingle, Joseph Steven Frisch, Natalie Wallace
IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Keyi Zhang, Rupali Abhijeete Ekbote
UWM Amy Johnson Ernst, SURF Grantee, Lisa B Sun, Natalie Wallace
MIAD Kelsey Robinson
IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Ashley Hat Nihm Sohn, Emily Cates, Eunice Choi
IIT YuWan Sun
MIAD Kelsey Robinson
IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Mantas Adomaitis, Klaire Rial
UWM Ryan Rufer, Kelsey Robinson, Patrick Osowski, Ellie Farin
IIT YuWan Sun

SAIC Abdullah Al Salem, Kristina Chong, Louisa Zheng, Axel Alexander Olson, Klaire Rial
UWM Ryan Rufer, Patrick Osowski

SAIC Nahyeong Lim, Alice Yu
UWMMilwaukee 350
UW MADISON James Keane

SAIC Nahyeong Lim, Alice Yu
UWM Johnathon Coyne Nelson, Isabella Rey Finney, Emma Price, Joshua Handrich, Yunjie Lu

SAIC Yoon Shin Kim, Patsy Diaz, Kristine Clark, Jeffrey Kliment, Shruti Menon, Rachel Pump, Abdul Samad, Schuyler White

UWM Zechariah Alan Krueger, Aaron Thomas Rowe, Elliot Jerod Skrobis, Lindsey Rene Gregory, Briana Keane, Alexander Daniel Uebelacker,SURF Grantee
UW MADISON James Keane

SAIC Yoon Shin Kim, Sarah Edwards, Michele Galiano, Ryan Lariviere, Crystal Leonard, Sabrina Marino, Steven Marusaez, Daniela Sesma Espinoza, Christopher Smith, Lisa Vanausdall, Dante Collins, Hao Wu
UWM Alison Booz, Bridgette Binzak, Andrew Cesarz, Sehar Jared, Briana Keane, Eydy Martinez, Luke Thompson,

UWM Tom Elmendorf, Scott David Farrey, Briana Keane, Nick Straube
SAIC Ceyda Aksoman

Tom Elmendorf, Ian C. Jones, Sisco Stephen Hollard
SAIC Ceyda Aksoman

SAIC Ceyda Akosman, Jenna Ann Boldebuck, Ba Da Choi, Shay Michele De La Garza, Jason Todd Gillette, Chin Yun Lai, Yun Sook Lee, Andy Scott Luhring, Carlos Orlando Ruiz, Julie Anne Schabel, Yaraslov Soltys
UWM Kevin Hinz, Chad Sponholz

SAIC Cristina Medelicia Bonilla, Heeyoung Choe, Inhea Youm, John JJ Jetel, Younsoo Kim, Mike Akshay Braunlin, Tuan Huang Quoc Nguyen, Bernardo Polanco, SooYeon Woo, Hyejin Park, Bernarda Polanco, Mi Rang Yoo, Angeli Arndt, Sarah Ashleen Carolan, Im Elle, Na-Yeon Kim, Wen Ling Liao, Maureen Meyers, Ji-Ye Park, Kimberly Tran
UWM Corrissa Nelson, Andrew J. Manto, Kevin Hinz Book 2 What Design is, What Design Does, Why Design is Important Mark Keane, Linda Keane, Andrew Manto, Kevin Hinz

SAIC Kadie Marie Franson, Tai Jin Kang, Bryant Eli Koger, Carrie Crumbaugh, Kathryn Trass Roeck, Nicole Dawn Seguin, Mark Werle
UWM Corrissa Nelson, Andrew J. Manto, Kevin Hinz, Kevin Forseth, Chad Sponholz, Papa Coleman, Kim Rollins, Jeff Davis

2004 Book 1 Mark Keane, Linda Keane, Dania Baffi, Brian Hassemer, Jennifer Ott, Melissa Guerin


Mark Keane, President
Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture and Urban Planning
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Nancy Frank, Vice President
Chair, Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Tobiah Deutsch, Treasurer
Senior Advisor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Charles Pipal, AIA, Ambassador
Adjunct Professor, Historic Preservation, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Adam Uys, AIAs President, Nicholas Charles Peterman, AIAs Officer, AMbassadors to National AIAs, NOMAs Chapters (UWM)

Yu Wan Sun, Ambassador to China, BKL Architects, Shanghai, China