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What is health? Is it happiness? Is it being free of illness? Or is it something more? Today Health is defined as a state of complete b, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Being healthy is being in a positive state of well-being. Being healthy includes being physically strong and able to walk and lift things and move around. It also means having access to clean air, water, and local food. Being healthy includes good sleeping and eating habits, having friends, and enjoying life right from where you are. Basic principles of health are a healthy diet, regular exercise, work, rest, and positive thinking. Health includes emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial wellbeing. Health is important. Be thankful for your health!

Activity 1 – Mental Health

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Mental Health affects how we think, feel, and act. It is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Mental Health is vital at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Each individual’s Mental Health includes psychological and emotional well-being.
While most of us will have happy moments, we will also experience sadness, anger, resentment, and hopelessness. While feeling these emotions happens to all of us, how we deal with them determines our Emotional Health. How we deal with our challenges, determines how we feel, think, and act. How we respond to what happens in life can cause stress and change how we connect with other people and how we motivate ourselves to make healthy choices. Talking with others also often helps us change how we feel. Sharing concerns and learning about others helps us see outside of ourselves. Having a positive outlook helps stabilize Mental Health.

Smile and smiling will help your emotional and mental health!

Make a list of things that bring you happiness. Make a list of things that you appreciate.

Activity 2 – Physical Health

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For people, Physical Health is the normal functioning of the body- how it matures, feels, needs attention, moves. How you care for your body starts with what you eat and drink, how you tend to cleanliness, relaxation, and productivity. Physical Health actually involves many aspects of life, such as: sleeping well, eating well, being physically activity, having good hygiene, and getting enough relaxation. Being Physically fit includes developing muscular strength through all stages of your life, having muscular endurance, exercising your heart with cardiovascular activities such as walking, biking, swimming, and even light housework and gardening, and stretching for flexibility.

Make a list of healthy foods that you eat for energy.

List physical exercise activities that you do daily.

Check out’s Walking and start counting your daily steps!

Make a weekly exercise schedule to keep your energy up!.


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Rapid population growth, industrialization, urbanization, increased food and waste production, and environmental health hazards include natural or human-made physical, chemical, and biological factors.

Environmental hazards include air contaminants, toxic waste, radiation, disease-causing microorganisms and plants, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals in consumer products, and extreme weather conditions.

The most common environmental health hazards are air pollution and water pollution.

Each of us needs to be aware of the health hazards that are challenging the health of our environment, the communities in which we live, and the quality of our urban or rural areas.

Use the explore links to learn about organizations working to make the public more aware of everyday health hazards. Learn about the dangers of environmental Health Hazards in the zip code where you live and make a list of the most threatening ones.

Next, research what actions are being taken by your community to address the changes. Ask yourself, What can I do to help correct Environmental Health Hazards?

Make a map of where you live. Label key vulnerabilities to its health and yours. For each health threat label what is being done to address the environmental health hazard!

Activity 4 – Human Health and Environmental Health

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Environmental Health includes all aspects of the places where we live, learn, work, and play.

It starts with the air we breathe, then the water we drink, and thirdly, the food that we eat.

The Health of our Environment directly influences our Health. If the environment is damaged, our Health suffers.

Today Environmental Health is a critical charge of all public health policies.

It focuses on relationships between people and the environment. Environmental Health is a vital part of any comprehensive public health system. Environmental Health promotes Human Health and Well-being and fosters just and equitable healthy communities.

Clean air, a stable climate, adequate water, sanitation and hygiene, safe use of chemicals, protection from radiation, healthy and safe workplaces, sound agricultural practices, health-supportive cities, built environments, and nature preserves are all prerequisites for a Healthy Environment and our good Health.

It is a local and global mission. It comprises four main categories:health impacts, air quality, water, and sanitation. Human Health and Environmental Health are always changing across different continents and cultures. The complexity of addressing Just and Sustainable Health worldwide is to constantly address and adapt to continuous change.

The Earth’s Health is our Health, and our Health is the Earth’s Health! Make a chart that lists the needs for good health of people and the environment.

Post it in the gallery.


  • Human health includes
  • A positive outlook helps our health.
  • Smiling can fool us into feeling better
  • Helping others can make us feel better about ourselves.
  • The health of the environment impacts human health and experience.
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