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Start your journey today! Navigating is listed as a GUIDE STAR Non Profit is an eco web that develops ethical imagination and environmental stewardship. introduces what design is, what design does, and why design is important. It offers activities across nine scales – nano, pattern, object, space, architecture, neighborhood, urban, region, and world.’s 350+ journeys introduce activities online, in the classroom, in the community and globally. journeys and activities are supported with links to museums, institutions and contemporary practices. The eco web network of journeys provides a solid foundation for newly established NAAEE North American Association of Environmental Education standards with place based design activities that address the five goals of environmental education: Awareness, Knowledge, Attitudes and Environmental Ethic, Citizen Action Skills, and Citizen Action Experiences. is based on Wisconsin Art and Design Standards and Common Core State Standards. Now set to NEXT Generation Science Standards for K-2, 3-5 and 6-8, delivers NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts through transdisciplinary activities. plans to reach young people, their teachers and their families with meaningful learning experiences that create positive influence on lives and outcomes.

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AIA State Illinois Nathan Clifford Ricker Award in Education 2019
National Association of Collegiate Schools Creative Achievement in Education Award 2018
National Environmental Education Foundation Green STEM Innovator 2012
Union of International Architects Architecture + Children Golden Cubes 2011
Wisconsin Arts Board Creative Communities Grant 2011
USGBC Excellence in Green Building Education Award 2009
SAIC Presidential Urban Engagement Award 2009
American Architectural Foundation Merit Award 2009
National Endowment for the Arts Design Education Award 2008
American Architectural Foundation Merit Award 2006

Partners’s informal learning is being accessed in 200 countries, over 5000 cities, and 50 states.

Videos Green Imagination Eco Web You Tube + Vimeo Video
Meet Designers
Design Process
Designing Design Education
Design Is Our Nature: Disseminating Design Practices in K12 Education
Forming, Folding, Fanning, Flying FUN!!!
**Forming, Folding, Fanning, Flying FUN!!!FUN!!!FUN!!!
Green Your School
Green Cities 15
Green Cities 16
Nature Play Project
Biomimicry Workshop
Reimagining School: Why Creativity and Innovation Matter,Golden Apple Foundation and National St. Louis University

“ hits the 21st Century learning sweet spot! It is a brilliant scaffolding for design-based learning. delivers content in context embedded in templates and tools. It is at the right level between abstract concept and concrete instantiation. It builds both subject matter mastery and meta-cognitive skills. It reifies domain knowledge transparently as generative engagement. Seamlessly, it inculcates habits of attentive observation, heuristic discovery and self-reflection. It speaks epistemological authority with a light, non-pedantic voice. Beyond all that, is intrinsically motivating - which is the fancy term for FUN!” Arnold Wasserman or

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books What Design Is What Design Does and Why Design is Important 2009(pdf)


STEAM by Design
Download the complete Design and Technology Education: An International Journal 21.1

Design THIS Place: Built Environment Education 2015

Green Schools, Green Cities: Ecologies of Balance 2015

Design Design Education 2013

Aesthetics of Sustainability and the Ethical Imagination 2007

Eco Literacy: Greening Public Imagination 2009

To download the work in print or electronic formats, see Common Ground: Design Principles and Practices, An International Journal


To access the best interactive sites and resources, please download the following free programs: encourages use of online resources to connect the classroom with outside resources, digital interactives, virtual field trip and contemporary practices. Take a look at A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media in the Classroom.

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