Sustainability Goals

We live in a designed world, Nature’s and our constructions. In the 21st century, we have become much more aware and connected with people and cultures all over the world. With all of Nature’s gifts, we are here together now and what happens in other parts of the world affects us wherever we are. As the population continues to grow and more and more people move into urban areas, the devastation to wilderness and biodiversity of non-human life suffers, and in turn challenges people to make changes. This global understanding asks for cooperation and stewardship of care between countries, cultures, and continents. OXFAM published a Safe Space for Humanity to extend a series of rights to all peoples while responding to the environment’s needs as well. Think about what you need to live and what others need on other sides of the globe. Think about people, and Nature, and the Earth.

Activity 1 – Earth's Environmental Ceilings

Activity 2 – People's Needs

Activity 3 – it/its and I/we

Activity 4 – Building Resilience


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