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As you aspire to what you shall become, along the path you will not be limited to facts and borders, but rather visions and dreams. Many pieces of these inspirations are moments in time, magnifications of fragments of sensory input - a delicious smell, a vision of great beauty, the clarity of a musical instrument, or the silence of nature. Although life is made up of big moments, it is also embedded with small moments of great magnificence. One only has to close in and focus…on the details! Details are small parts of a larger whole. A snowflake caught on your tongue is a detail of a mountain of snow. A raindrop dropping in your hand is a detail of a thunderstorm. The stamen and pistols of a flower to the overall flower and bouquet is the relationship of parts to the whole. The up close and personal powers of the detail fuse the divinity of the natural with the spontaneity of human nature.

Find the Divine Detail!

Activity 1 – Detail Bingo Around the World

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Be a world explorer! Make a set of cards with details from each of the seven continents, each of the biomes, each of the hemispheres. Draw or photocopy details. For each image, make a vocabulary card with the name of the continent, biome, or hemisphere. Play a detail matching game!

Look closely!

Activity 2 – Detail Bingo for Home

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Create a grid bingo sheet and look for the various details in your town. Bring a pencil, and once you see one of the above details mark down the name of the building and its use. If you are with someone else, make a game out of it, whoever marks a whole row off first wins.

As you play Detail Bingo, remember the most extraordinary detail. Record the information of how the various parts and pieces of the forms are brought together in harmony. Use a scale drawing to define the information. Submit your detail.

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Activity 3 – Detail Bingo Around Town

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Take a walk around town. Using your pencil or a handy camera, observe and record details that give character to the streetscape of your neighborhood. Record the detail AND the location! Is it a sign, a flagpole, a door knob or an ornament on a facade? What are the specifics of the bits and pieces that make up the whole? The parts are always a piece of something larger and combined they come together to create the physical identity of a place. Put your drawings and photos of details from around town into a bingo grid. Create matching bingo cards that tell the locations. Make a bingo board with the images. See if people can guess where you observed your details. Help everyone look closer!

Be a detail detective.

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  • You can find detail in:
  • The power button is a detail on a camera.
  • Looking closely helps us to explore how things are made.
  • Details can be different sizes.
  • Details are parts of larger wholes.
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