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Rebuilding is the re use and re purposing of materials left over from new construction, demolition, or non use. ReBuilding is a sustainable practice that collects and organizes materials and re imagines new places to use them. Rebuilding is the process of repair and retrofitting of existing buildings and neighborhoods. The life cycle ecology rebuilding practice keeps materials in use instead of planning for their destruction or discard into landfills. The types of materials that can be collected include roofing materials (shingle wood shakes, metal and fiberglass); insulation (batt, rigid and duct); trim and siding lumber; and windows and doors. Appliances and fixtures such as tubs, showers, sinks and toilets can be reused as well. Flooring materials such as tile, linoleum, carpet and bricks and pavers can be collected and used again. Individuals and organizations take donations or set up a central clearing house to organize and store such materials. These organizations often organize teams of workers to make repairs on existing homes and buildings. Like second hand clothing stores, re using materials is resourceful, reduces waste and brings a sense of time and continuity to a building process.

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