Icons 1423866229 design school gardens School Gardens

This journey is under construction. Please share resources and we will post. In the meantime, watch the Library of Congress’s History of School Gardens (and Fashion).

Activity 1 – Seeding

Activity 2 – Tending a Garden

Activity 3 – Reading and Writing in the Garden

Activity 4 – Mapping a School Garden

Activity 5 – Botanical Sketching

Activity 6 – Visitors to the school garden

Activity 7 – STEM in the garden


  • One hundred years ago there were how many school gardens in each state?
    • In the 21st century, it is estimated that how many schools have school gardens according to the library of Congress History of School Gardens?
      • How can students learn math in a school garden?
        • How can students learn langugae arts in a school garden?
          • How do school gardens introduce science subjects?
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