TEDx STEAM by Design
Define, Design, Build Process
Design is Our Nature: Disseminating Design Education
Design is Our World
K12 Online Triple Threat: Linda Keane Interview by Carol Broos, Golden Apple Foundation
Green Imagination
Meet Designers

Workshop Videos

Silver City Placemaking
Forming, Fanning, Folding & Flying FUN!!!
Green Cities 16
Green Cities 15
Biomimicry Workshop, Escuela Verde PBL Charter
Creativity in the Classroom
Nature Play Project
Biomimicry Workshop
Design As Nature, Froebel USA International
Design As Nature Workshop: Esceula Verde PBL Charter
Green Your School: Wedgewood International
Nature Play Project: Notre Dame Elementary
Sustainability Design Hack


STEAM by Design
Download the complete Design and Technology Education: An International Journal 21.1

Design THIS Place: Built Environment Education

Designing Design Education, DDEI India(2013)

Eco Literacy: Greening Public Imagination
Design Principles and Practices, an International Journal 4.4 (2010)
Download at Common Ground: Design Principles and Practices, An International Journal

The Aesthetics of Sustainability and the Ethical Imagination (2008) (PDF) Book III Eco Literacy and Design of the World coming fall of 2015 Book II What Design Is What Design Does and Why Design is Important 2009 Book 1 2002 (out of print)

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Reimagining School: Why Creativity and Innovation Matter Press Release: Reimagining Tomorrow Today: The Role of Collaboration in Creativity Education

STEAM by Design Edutopia STEM Group

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TEDx STEAM by Design

Design as Nature, Froebel USA International

Froebel USA International Interview with Linda Keane, AIA, Director

Integral Design Leadership

TEDxMilwaukee Press Release

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Doug Haller’s STEM to STEAM Blog a GREEN S.T.E.M. Innovator, National Environmental Education Foundation Environmental Stewardship Network

The Making of an Architect

Processes of Inquiry: Art, Science and A Culture of Innovation, SAIC President Walter Massey Art of Science Learning Keynote by Dr. Walter Massey

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Spring 2011 NEWS PDF serves on Milwaukee Creative Alliance Creativity Education Council

Eco Design.CA reports on Architecture and Children Work Program 1st Golden Cubes Award Eco Web recognized internationally with Honorable Mention in UIA Architecture and Children Programs

PR NEWSWIRE U.S. Nominees Selected for UIA Golden Cubes International Awards Program Celebrating K-12 Architecture Education Programs

AAO Association of Architecture Organizations national selection for the UIA Golden Cubes International Awards Program Celebrating K-12 Architecture Education + Chicago Schools

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Spring 2010 NEWS PDF

United States Green Building Council Excellence in Green Building Education PDF

Chicago’s Burnham 100 Educators Resource Guide

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Spring 2009 NEWS PDF receives NEA Design Innovation Award

ACSA News K12 Programs on the Rise in Schools (PDF)

Art Institute of Chicago About

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Chicago-based Efforts at the Forefront of K-12 Design Education and Environmental Stewardship PDF

Metal Architecture

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Spring 2007 NEWS PDF

fzine Interview of Director, Linda Keane PDF

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American Architecture Foundation: Teach Kids Good Design and they’ll grow up to value it, Whitney Gould, MJS

Aesthetics of Sustainability