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Rivers are liquid highways that move people and goods and wildlife. They also provide sources of freshwater for a biodiversity of living things. When indigenous peoples settled the Americas, the rivers were pure and clean. Rivers in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Oceanic countries rain clear and pure. When rivers began to serve as liquid connectors for goods and peoples, canels began to be dredged for river vessels to carry goods, foods, and people. In the rapid expansion of the industrial age, stem engines, then petroleum train lines quickly overtook rivers and canals. When horse drawn wagons turend into cars, and cars into trucks and refrigerated trucks, roads spread rapidly across the countries. with the invention of flight, airlines expanded movement on the roads and in the air, and cities turned their backs on their rivers. Do you have a river in your city? Have you ever visited it? Can you access it? Americas’ Rivers report that over 40% of United States Rivers are polluted at their headwaters. People are awakening to the need to steward and care for their rivers in the 21st century. Riverfront developments along rivers in cities all over the world are returning river edges to their original state while providing places for the public to access the water for recreation, education, entertainment, and relaxation. Let’s take a look at rivers where you live and see how they can be enhanced to connect more people to enjoy and steward them.


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