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Liking what you do enough to make it your job is key to finding your passion and place to contribute to the world. While many schools hold once a year Career Days, students in K12 have little time or opportunity to connect what they are learning with real-world practice. Meanwhile, there will be one million new jobs in STEM within the next three years!!! Are you prepared?Career in STEM is the brainchild of Ashley Pereira, a former K12 teacher, who found herself frustrated with lack of resources about STEM careers for her students.
Popular Careers
She entered the void by creating a series of online STEM Career Camps.For students who like to be outside there are Marine Careers Explorers (Submarine Sonar Technician, Marine Geophysicist, Marine Biologist, Bioacoustic Researcher); Animal Career Explorers (Animal Scientist, Zoologist, Veterinarian, Fish and Game Warden, Kennel Manager); Outdoor Adventure Explorers (Drone Operator, Hydrologist, Forester, Wildlife Conservationist); and Environmental Explorers (Soil Scientist, Forester, Agricultural Engineer, Hydrologist). For those interested in bridges and highways, cities and tall buildings, Career in STEM offers Trade careers (Construction Manager, Tile Installer, Mason, and Electrician); engineering (Mechanical Engineer, Electrical, Civil Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Fiber Optic Technician); those interested in preparing for extraterrestrial living opportunities (Space Career Camps- Astronaut, Aerospace Engineer, Astronomer, Physicist).

Artists and designers can enjoy fashion design and choreography. IT Careers include cybersecurity analyst, robotic technician, electrical engineer and IT, specialist. Those students interested in human health and well-being can check out the Medical Careers looking into being an MRI Technician, Pediatric Oncology Nurse, Dietician, and Biomedical Engineer. Career in STEM even offers Forensic Career exploration with Crime scene investigator, biochemist, toxicologist and Cyber Scientist. To get started there is a free ebook, with an ever-expanding list of STEM Careers siting necessary skill sets, aptitudes, and salary ranges. Careers span the scales of human endeavor that shares- from nanotechnology, patterns, objects, spaces, architecture, neighborhood, urban, region, world and even innovations in outer space.

If You dream it, Career in STEM helps you believe it is possible!

Student and Teacher Resources
The Scavenger Hunt with seek and find activities responds to personal interests and suggests potential careers fitting those interests. For students desiring more, the Career Pathways Academy matches students with personal ‘Career Coaches’ who support student inquiry and mentor their understanding of necessary education for professional employment. Talking with a real practitioner can make the world of difference in igniting one’s imagination! Career in STEM offers online career support, skills training, and connections to real world STEM professionals.

Along with the online camps and free resources, Career in STEM offers many opportunities for both educators and students to explore career connections. The Career in STEM blog shares other creative STEM to STEAM resources with different approaches and interfaces to capture curious minds.

Teachers can use the ever-popular teacherspayteachers store to find new ideas for their use. Whether new classroom games, posters, curricula, lesson plans or information sheets, there are many options for classroom use wishing to open up curiosity, encourage collaboration, and set new challenges for all ages.

Career In STEM is launching a more gamified setup this fall! The new platform will improve the flow of the site greatly, making it easier for students of all ages to use. Career In STEM is also updating the online summer camp setup to become more pay-as-you-go allowing students to have more freedom over their career exploration education and get the information they need.

Connecting youth with Career in STEM has never been more natural. With the outreach to other STEM Programs, CAREER in STEM is an incredible new resource for students, teachers and school districts to explore STEM opportunities linked with place based activities.