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Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day!
This short song is sung by some who want to be outside playing. For people in other places in the world, rain is to be celebrated and collected. Rain is actually moisture that collects or condenses on particles and bumps into other drops forming ice crystals or drops. Water drops are held up by air until they condense or collect. Drizzle is water drops and drizzle does not make a splash when it hits a puddle. Rain drops are larger water drops that become too heavy to be held up any longer and fall with with a splash! Clouds can hold millions of water drops. As raindrops fall from clouds, they join with other drops. Rain

Activity 1 – Water Vapor

Where is water vapor and what is its role in rain and climate change? Water vapor is new to be observed and recorded as to its location and quantity and effect on earth;s temperature. You can use NASA’s Giovanni to Acquire and Map AIRS Water Vapor Data in your region. In fact, your recording of the presence and concentration of water vapor where you live can help scientists better understand the role of water vapor in the precipitation and water cycle. Water vapor is a gas phase of water. It is water that has evaporated or in the case of melting ice, sublimated. Water vapor is considered a greenhouse gas and contributes to the Greenhouse Effect. It is recorded by Balloon testing and is visible with electromagnetic mapping. Now scientists are beginning to understand that invisible water vapor may play a role in the slowing of climate change. Research water vapor and record its presence in your community correlated with temperature rise or dips. Show the map with a chart and a paragraph of your findings.

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