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Is it hot? Is it cold? Is it wet? Is it dry? Weather is the way air and water in air change in a location and impacts connected areas. Weather is different in different places.Weather is what happens to the air, and the water in it in the layer of the atmosphere called the troposphere. The troposphere is the layer of the atmosphere closest to earth approximately 65-75 miles high. Earth’s gravity keeps this layer from expanding further. Farmers used to watch the skies for signs of rain and changes in weather. Winds move conditions and tell us direction and whether to expect warmer or cooler temperatures. Water vapor in the air is called humidity. The more water there is in the air, the more humidity we have. The less humidity the dryer the air is. Humans are most comfortable in a humidity range of 30-70%. Under 30%, our face, hair skin and eventually nose, throat, and lips become dry. Over 70%, most people feel sticky and will sweat and perspire. The study of weather is called meteorology. Today, weather reporters or meteorologists watch radar images from satellites to predict weather forecasts. Scientists also study, observe, predict, and explain the weather.
You can be a weather watcher too!


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