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Eating Local

Now it is your turn to imagine the eco food restaurant of your dream! What will it look like? What will it serve? What will be its experience? What will people learn and understand by eating at a restaurant that serves locally grown and prepared foods? In the 70's these kind of restaurants were called Health Food Restaurants because they served alternative foods to the typical fare. You can pick any of these ideas as starting points. Start taking notes and making sketches of ideas in your journal. What could you do to improve the fast food experience? Could you actually grow food on site? Could you host a farmer's market? Could it be a Food Coop? Could people actually sit in garden environments with fresh air to breathe while eating healthy food? Could your decor include a map showing locations of local farms that produced the food that is served? Could there be pictures of what is organic and composted and what needs to be recycled? Could there be goats grazing on a green roof? Could bikes replace cars? What would you serve? How would it be delivered? So many things to think about!
Design an Eco Restaurant!

Activity 1 Collect information

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Activity 2 interview people

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Activity 3 conceptualize ideas

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Activity 4 analyze possibilities

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Activity 5 design studies

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