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People need food and will travel to find food. Nomadic civilizations would move to find new sources of food and water. Today, we still travel to find food- in the grocery store , and on the roadside. Food brings us nourishment but it also brings us comfort. Its cooking is a skill, a tradition and an art form. It provides us with energy, gives us nutrients, and should be a delicious, enjoyable part of our daily lives. Food is shared as a sign of hospitality. A pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and is often seen at the crown of a building as a welcoming. Did you know that the smell of food cooking was once considered by some cultures as unpleasant? The kitchen, separated from the main part of the house, now finds itself the center of the house.

Food is food for thought!

Activity 1 – Critique Fast Food

Hello fast food! In this activity you will research and compare fast food nutrition from three of your favorite fast food restaurants. Gather information about the calorie count and nutritional make-up of the drink, the main dish and the side order. Compare the calorie count of a fast food meal to a meal that you could make at home from fresh ingredients. Also consider the energy cost of driving to and through a drive-thru restaurant. Is this really necessary?

Activity 2 – Food on the Street

What is available on the street in Rio, Bali Bali, Beijing, Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Lima, Cape Town, New York, Chicago, and Winnipeg? Look up food on the street from around the world. Print a world map. Locate five major cities on the map. Research the food that is available on the street in those cities. Print pictures of the food from the web and paste them on your world map. Label the foods that are available. Write a paper about the different foods that are available around the world and create a picture dictionary of the food(s) available on the street, their names, their ingredients, and how they are prepared.

Travel around the world!

Activity 3 – Food on the Go!

Put your designer chef hat on! Create a healthy mobile meal that reuses the packaging of the meal in an ethnically appropriate manner. Consider how the mobile meal is carried- by hand, over your shoulder, on your head! Consider the presentation of the mobile meal packaging. What do you see first, second, third. Have at least three courses in your mobile meal that are revealed in a sequence. Take a picture of your mobile meal packaging, three-course presentation, layout of meal, and reusable packaging concept. Put all four images on one page. Hold a class lunch!


  • 1. Food is different in different places in the world.
  • 2. You should eat 3-5 servings of fruit a day.
  • 3. Different cultures eat different foods.
  • 4. Food does not travel across the ocean.
  • 5. All food chains begin with the sun.
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