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Activity 1 – Diagramming Permaculture

Since permaculture is a complex set of influences and systems, it combines guiding themes (ethics of care), principles, and areas of influence. Draw a diagram of the three ethics, twelve principles, and seven domains of permaculture.

Activity 2 – Local Permaculture

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What kinds of plants, specifically food-plants, can you find growing where you live? Are these plants seasonal, or do they grow all year round? Are some fast growing with multiple harvests? Are others seasonal producers? Draw three food plants that commonly grow in your neighborhood and chart their growing period of dates and time to harvest.

Activity 3 – Permaculture Gardening

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What systems can you design/modify to operate on a smaller scale to be implemented in your own home, influencing all-inclusive care and well-being? What kind of crops would you like to grow? What will you do to manage all your crops? Now that you know local plants, using these plants and what you’ve learned about them and design a permaculture garden with your house as the center point. How will you, and those around you, benefit from this (friends, family, community, neighborhood)? Pick a place that can become a personal garden. Diagram circles of care for this garden on your property from the closest to the house with daily care to zones that take intermediate and then infrequent care.

Activity 4 – Permaculture Production Cycle

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What is your favorite food or drink? Think about production and the consequences of the production process. Watch the Story of Stuff. How could items be produced and delivered within a permaculture-like system? What difference can you imagine? Diagram an item that is produced with more care for the earth.

Activity 5 – A Permaculture World

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How do we create the world we want in a positive way? Permaculture is a way to change the world. We can rethink the ways we do things, seemingly minute; this can be the way to bring about change. What aspects of the way you live can be improved? How can you integrate a permaculture lifestyle? Draw the earth and note several permacultural initiatives that can change current production and consumption.


  • Permaculture can be a lifestyle.
  • Permaculture is a series of intricately designed systems with a collective purpose to establish nurture, balance, and responsibility between the produce and the consumers
  • Ethics of Permaculture include
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