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Animals journey coming soon!

Activity 1 Animal Characteristics

Animals journey coming soon!

Activity 2 Animal Tracks

Animals journey coming soon!

Activity 3 Animal Habitats

Activity 4 Animal Hearing

We know that many animals can hear a greater range of sounds than humans, whose hearing range is 19, 980 Hz (20,000 Hz — 20 Hz). Can you match the following animals to their correct range of hearing?

1. Elephant

2. Goldfish

3. Bat

4. Owl

5. Dog

6. Beluga Whale

Use the following frequencies: (a) 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz, (a) 67 Hz to 45,000 Hz; © 20 Hz to 3,000 Hz;(d) 1,000 Hz to 123,000 Hz;(e) 200 Hz to 12,000 Hz;(f) 16 Hz to 12,000 Hz.
Answers are as follows: Elephant (f); Goldfish ©; Bat (b); Owl (e); Dog (a)



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